Our Firm continues to contribute to the cultural life in our country by supporting art products. We enjoy being the sponsor of Tuna Ötenel whose name became identical with jazz in our country as well known by the jazz-friends here. In the future, we will continue to support also other cultural-artistic projects. Tuna Ötenel was born in 1947 as the son of Mr.  Ahmetoğlu Cevdet who was an immigrant from Bulgaria. His father Mr. Cevdet was a poly-math musician, even so much that he was given the surname Ötenel (the singing bird) as he made bird voices when he was playing violin. And his son Tuna Ötenel, who merely was born into the music, got his forename from the river Danube extending from Bulgaria to Turkey.

Starting music in early ages by taking piano lessons from his farther, the junior Tuna Ötenel began at the age of 5 to accompany his father's orchestra making dinner and dance music at that time. For Ötenel was these years where he played not only piano but also some percussion instrument and even drum in standing position as he was not grown tall enough yet, a really period of accustoming to music from childhood.

When passed the admission exam of the State Conservatoire of Ankara by entrancing his teachers, Ötenel had not accomplished the primary school yet. As he immediately learned by heart any melody he listened, his friends in the conservatoire gave him the pseudonym ?devil ear?. Being the student of the masters Ferhunde and Ulvi Cemal Erkin in the conservatoire, Ötenel began at that time to take an interested in another music, namely in Jazz approaching to which was absolutely forbidden at that time; and his interest in Jazz cost him banishment from the conservatoire although all his marks were very good.

The following years spend Ötenel on playing in the orchestra of his father and in the Children Club of the Broadcasting of Ankara. In 1964 he met Metin Gürel who had introduced him Jazz, his big love in the conservatoire years, and joined to Gürel?s jazz orchestra. And in 1968 Ötenel opened a new page in his jazz adventure upon presentation of an alto saxophone to him by Gürel for him he says: ?I learned jazz from him?. Ötenel who would play later also tenor and alto saxophone did not encounter any difficulties in becoming skilled in his new instrument so that it was no challenge for him since he had a serious piano infrastructure, and became soon one of the most important saxophonists of his generation.

After leaving Gürel’s Orchestra, Ötenel played in the Dün, Bugün, Yarin Orchestra.[Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Orchestra] together with some other skilled musicians like Şanar Yurdatapan, Atilla Özdemiroğlu and Cezmi Başeğmez for a while; and after having played also in some other orchestras, Ötenel joined to Erol Pekcan Orchestra.

The Trio consisting of Tuna Ötenel in piano and saxophone, Kudret Öztoprak in bass- guitar and Erol Pekcan in drum launched in 1978 Turkey’s first jazz LP, the “Caz Semai” [Solemn Folk Tune Jazz]. Besides the song “Ali’yi Gördüm Ali’yi. [The Ali I Saw The Ali] being an anonym folk-song, the album consisted of several compositions of Ötenel.

All the following years spent Tuna Ötenel intimately with music. He made a tour to Europe with Okay Temiz and the flute-player Aka Gündüz Kutbay, and played in Sweden with our trumpeter Muvaffak Falay, the “Maffy” and take part in Okay Temiz’s album ‘Zikir’. In Turkey he played in the Emin Findikoğlu Orchestra, in the Light Music and Jazz Orchestra of the Turkish Broadcasting and Television Corporation (TRT) under direction of Sühely Denizci; and in jam sessions he played with several world-famous musicians like Herbie Hancock, Benny Carter, Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison, Karyn Korg, Hilton Ruiz and Buster Williams.

“Vian Köpüğü- L’Ecume de Vian” is the second solo-work of Tune Ötenel who launched his first solo-album, the ‘Sometimes’ in 1994.

Caz Semai (Erol Pekcan and Kudret Öztoprak with together) , 1978
Sometimes, 1994
Vian Köpüğü-L'Ecume de Vian, 1998

Tuna Otenel Kuşadası 04:58dk
Tuna Otenel Aurore 08:02dk 
Tuna Otenel How Could You Break My Heart 05:44dk
Tuna Otenel Bebop Samba 04:18dk 
Tuna Otenel For Lucky 04:29dk 
Tuna Otenel Ballad For Pierre 04:43dk 
Tuna Otenel Circus 05:41dk
Tuna Otenel L'Ecume De Vian 06:14dk 
Tuna Otenel Here's That Rainy Day 08:41dk 
Tuna Otenel I Love You 04:25dk 
Tuna Otenel Saudade Do Brasil 06:07dk 

Tuna Ötenel: Piano
Pierre Michelot: Bass
Philippe Combelle:Drums

1998 AURA Productions